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目前macOS Ventura 13.0 (22A380) 系统底层有所升级,新系统和部分软件兼容有问题!有部分软件没有第一时间去适配macOS Ventura 13.0,如果你想要稳定使用全部软件就不要尝鲜升级macOS Ventura 13.0!请保持目前macOS Monterey 12.X系统使用。

Lilu 1.6.2 黑苹果驱动最新版

Lilu 1.6.2 黑苹果驱动最新版

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Lilu.kext 最新版,由vit9696维护,黑苹果驱动必备之一.


  • Fixed KC segment name, which also fixed kernel panic on macOS 13 b3
  • Disable EFI64 runtime APIs when -legacy is used on 32-bit kernels


  • Allow loading on macOS 13 without -lilubetaall
  • Added Ventura dyld shared cache pathing
  • Changed SKL default ig-platform-id to KBL on macOS 13+
  • Added patch with masking support


  • Dropped internal shared patcher instance grabbing API


  • Fixed memory corruption when mixing cs_validate_range/page mid/long routes (thx @Goshin)
  • Enforced all routes to be slotted after one slotted route
  • Refactored all internal routes to use new RouteRequest API
  • Deprecated routeFunction APIs as they are dangerous to use for multiple routes


  • Fixed kernel panic on macOS 10.15 and earlier introduced in 1.5.7
  • Added Alder Lake CPU model support
  • Added shared patcher instance grabbing API


  • Added address slot support for all 64-bit macOS version


  • Added the circular buffer API.
  • Added convenient helpers to check a value (available as of C++17).
  • Added the OSObjectWrapper API to wrap a non-OSObject value.


  • Added a variant of KernelPatcher::findAndReplace that requires both find and replace buffers to have the same length.
  • Added support for macOS 10.4 and newer


  • Allow loading on macOS 12 without -lilubetaall (With adapted for macOS 12 plug-ins)
  • Added guarding for address slot usage to avoid potential kernel routing overflow
  • Allow using medium size function routing in the kernel
  • Added medium size function routing for Long mode as they are functionally equivalent
  • Added matchSharedCachePath API to support dyld cache matching on macOS 12
  • Added _kmod hooking for kext listening to unify kext patcher logic
  • Added zlib decompression API
  • Fixed kernel patcher support on 64-bit 10.6
  • Added new GPU switching API


  • Fixed kernel patcher support on 10.7


  • Fixed AZAL recognition as GPU audio on certain AMD platforms (thx to wkpark)
  • Added external GPU disabling API with device and kernel selection via properties
  • Added identifiers for Rocket Lake and Tiger Lake CPUs
  • Added API to disable builtin GPU (IGPU)
  • Reduced hardware presence bruteforce to a more sensible value


  • Added lilu_os_memmem and lilu_os_memchr APIs
  • Added getSharedCachePath API to obtain current cache path
  • Added LIKELY/UNLIKELY macros


  • Fixed Apple HDEF detection made by NVIDIA
  • Fixed race-condition in select kext detection during patching (thx to lvs1974)


  • Added the PCI GMCH Graphics Control register definition. (by 0xFireWolf)
  • Added a new API to solve multiple symbols in one shot conveniently. (by 0xFireWolf)
  • Added a new RouteRequest constructor to work with function pointers without additional type castings. (by 0xFireWolf)


  • Added MacKernelSDK with Xcode 12 compatibility
  • Removed kern_atomic.hpp due to MacKernelSDK implementation
  • Acidanthera MacKernelSDK is now required for all plugins
  • Fixed Lilu loading on macOS 10.6 (not all APIs will be functional)
  • Fixed plugin debug log not working with Lilu disabled


  • Added more platform headers for plugin compilation
  • Fixed symbol chainloading regression in 1.4.6


  • Added preliminary definitions for 11.0 support
  • Temporarily disabled user patcher for 11.0
  • Added external-audio property to ignore PCI audio cards
  • Added in-memory symbol solving for 11.0
  • Fixed accidentally solving stabs instead of normal symbols
  • Added device publishing API to monitor device startup
  • Added DeviceInfo caching for improved performance
  • Added implicit slotted (medium) patches in KC mode to reduce patch size


  • Fixed newer CPU generation detection
  • Added failsafe versions of CML framebuffers


  • Added new CFL connector-less framebuffers: 0x9BC80003, 0x9BC50003, 0x9BC40003
  • Fixed KDK support disrespecting file suffixes


  • Improved modern CPUID detection
  • Added BaseDeviceInfo API with improved performance
  • Deprecated CPUInfo::getGeneration, WIOKit::getComputerModel(), WIOKit::getComputerInfo()


  • Fixed IMEI device detection on some platforms
  • Added CometLake CPU model support (thx @stormbirds)
  • Added getFatOffset MachO API


  • Made applyLookupPatch support kernel patches by passsing null kext
  • Export hde64 interface
  • Added evector deleter without copying for improved performance
  • Allow C strings as module prefix argument to the logging functions


  • Fixed mishandling user patches process list after processKernel API call
  • Fixed extra I/O in user patcher even when no patches were needed
  • Added support for per-process (LocalOnly) userspace patches


  • Added QEMU/KVM vendor compatibility to device detection logic

v1.3.8 更新内容

  • Compile Xcode 11 OSObject stubs into plugins to allow mixing compilers
  • Unified release archive names
  • Added multirouting support to routeFunction API enabling functions to have multiple proxies
  • Added explicit routing type to routeFunction APIs
  • Made Lilu use long function routes to ease third-part multirouting


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